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Al Hassana Marble has been dealing with Egyptian marble and granite since early 1975. It began contracting marble in the early eighties, and by 1986 it opened up it's first marble and granite quarries in upper Egypt and the Sianai penninsula.

It discovered many new varieties of cream colored Egyptian marble, such as Fileto Hassana, and Hassana Silsila, and opened up it's own finishing and processing factory in 1990.

Since the opening of this 40,000 meter factory they have established numerous other quarries throughought Egypt, and have control of the marble process starting at the quarry. They cut the marble blocks, transport them and produce unpolished and polished slabs and tiles.

With complete inside control of all of these processes, Al Hassana marble passes on tremendous savings on to the customer.

Al Hassana exports marble and granite blocks, unpolished and polished slabs, and tiles throughought Asia, Europe, and America.

Yearly output at Al Hassana:

50,000 tons of marble blocks
200,000 m2 of unpolished slabs
180,000 m2 of polished slabs
150,000 m2 of finished tiles